I'll Be Waiting

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quick little sidebar for myself


quick little sidebar for myself

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カヲシンツイッターログ・通販のお知らせ by
ろあ@SCC5/3 T34a

カヲシンツイッターログ・通販のお知らせ by

ろあ@SCC5/3 T34a

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neon genesis evangelion print done to desucon: cosplay 

tried out the colouring style i did last year. this took much more longer than i expected OTL


Stay with me and we’ll watch the stars.


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Sasori dedicated to yagurra

Thank you for always helping me this is so nice from you <3

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"Boromir died to save us, my kinsmen and me. He fell defending us from many foes…..The mightiest man maybe slain by one arrow and Boromir was pierced by many"

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W a y f i n d e r s ; 

I originally made only ventus, but decided to draw all three after some thought! 
Aqua is dedicated to aquakh, I hope they feel better ; o ; they’re all transparent, too!! 

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